What We Do


Oliver Regan Advisors specializes in all aspects of managing a private foundation. We manage governance, compliance, tax, and investment management issues. We also believe that multi-generational philanthropic planning should be an early and integral part of our client’s financial and estate planning. With deliberate planning, and employing tools like trusts and foundations, investors are able to shield significant income from taxation, allow charitable gifts to grow over time, provide a family tradition of giving, and control how their legacy will be used to help others for many years.

Financial Investment Consulting

Oliver Regan Advisors affords unbiased and impartial guidance, analysis, and evaluation of existing or prospective investments. The firm provides analysis of investments with regard to suitability, tax impact and incidence, risk and return, and fees.  The firm also evaluates historical performance and performs return attribution and factor analysis of funds, hedge funds, and advisers.  Areas of expertise include fixed-income, equities, derivatives, ETFs, closed-end funds, hedge funds, and mutual funds.

Asset Management

At Oliver Regan Advisors, we manage client assets in exactly the same way that we manage our own investments. We believe in long-term fundamental analysis based buy-and-hold investing. Investment decisions are based on the valuation of the investment or asset class, as opposed to a prediction about what the future environment entails. The yield of the investment, properly calculated and adjusted, is the best manner in which to assess the valuation of an investment or asset class. At Oliver Regan, we feel that minimizing fees and taxes is extremely important in maximizing returns and growing our client’s wealth. Also, we believe the best risk management involves a properly constructed portfolio with sufficient diversification at a minimal cost.